Friday, 17 April 2015

Lost mojo!!!

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted for a while as I haven't done any colouring really for a week or two. I have been finding it really difficult to get the flicking technique right and in the end it got the better of me foe a while. Inbetween time I started my pencil class and came to a halt with that to as I couldn't get the finish I wanted. This is probably related to the paper so I'll have to get my hands on the right stuff before resuming that!
I did start the clothing class too, this has found my enthusiasm again and I am enjoying it so far, which is the aim of the game!
I recently bought a blister pack of Derwent's Graphitints and Coloursofts.......OMG.....I have to get my hands on the full sets! I love the 'darkness' of the graphitints and they are watersoluble too. The Coloursofts....beautiful, blend well, go on well, soooo much nicer to use than the Spectrum Noir pencils.  There is a very fine line as to what to but first...Inktense or Coloursoft!!!!
This month saw the launch of Kit and Clowder's new monthly subscription classes, which, of course, I HAD to sign up for, not sure if I'll wait before attempting them or not.
I haven't made a huge amount of cards this month but I did this one for the stamp of the month over at From the Heart Stamps

I'll try and get some of my colouring done with pencils photographed and up on the next post, you can chose to laugh at them if you'd like!

This is short but sweet...till next time...

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  1. Pretty card, Emma and great coloring of Hamlet. The handmade flowers are great accents.

    Thanks for joining our FREE Stamp of the Month April Challenge @ From the Heart Stamps.