Saturday, 21 February 2015

First Ever Challenge entry!

Hi all,

In being inspired by all the lovely artwork being done in the Kit and Clowder facebook group I decided to enter my first challenge!
My work is absolutely nothing compared to these ladies but I decided what the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound. This is my entry to the Kit and Clowder monthly challenge at

The image is Bebunni from Crafter's Companion and it is coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils. I have yet to start the pencil class at Kit and Clowder and this colouring does show that!!!
I do intend on entering other challenges if I can organize myself but I suspect that I won't have enough time given the time of the year. I'm a horticulturalist by trade and I really need to consider getting some veg in the ground this spring and there is a half built herb bed in the back garden!

'Till next time

Take Care

Friday, 20 February 2015

My first down and my first up!

Hi  all,

After much searching the internet for the right instructions for using my alcohol pens I've finally found my answer which is a lovely kind lass at Alyce Keegan has several technique and project classes over there and a very large following of loyal colour enthusiasts on facebook. Her classes are fully downloadable so I can learn offline and she offers one-to-one feedback on uploaded images.

It took me a while to decide which class to take first but I decided on the animal one first as I figured I use a lot of animal on my cards, easter is not too far away and there are plenty of animal images at christmas. This combined with I feel I'll need to do the hair and skin and clothing classes together to avoid images with dodgy hair do's

So I started the animal class with giddy excitement, printed off what I needed and downloaded all my bits and pieces....the class booklet is huge by the way! And there I hit my first stumbling images were all a bit blotchy...the blending that is. At first I thought is was me but figured how could I be getting this basic step so wrong, if I couldn't do this then what hope was there for me every being good enough to enter a blog challenge. I decided to change my paper and guess wasn't me it was the paper.
For future reference any newbies reading this paper is important, I didn't think it would have such an impact but it did.
I was using My Craft Studio's Super smooth paper which was sold as suitable for alcohol markers, for me and my Promarkers it wasn't. I am now using marker paper which is bleedproof, I have D&R at the moment but I know there are other brands out there. So now I can get to work practicing getting the shadowing right on the images.

As I have finally got my photos of the camera I can give you a few pics too. The first is of blending with the dodgy paper and the second is on the bleed proof paper.

wrong paper

the right paper

These are not my first attempts, I'm not brave enough to put those on the internet, not even here!!! I have also attempted stippling and imprinting techniques but still can't get the flicking one right. I know it takes practice but I'm beginning to think that the bullet nib on my promarkers are going to make it so much more difficult to get right. I've tried with other pens that have a brush nib and it is sooooo much easier!

I've moved on with a few other classes but I'll still have to get the flicking to look a bit better, I can't avoid it altogether and I won't allow it to get the better of me!

So, back to the flick I must go.

'till next time

Take Care,

Thursday, 5 February 2015

All aboard!!!....and so the journey begins.

Hello to everyone out there!, I'm fairly confident that I'm talking to no one at the moment but I'll ramble on anyway.
Let me tell you about myself and why I am starting this blog!

I'm thirty-something years old with a husband, two kids (6+4) and two dogs. At the moment I'm looking for a job as I have been for a while.
 All my life I have done crafting of some sort, such as quilling, candle making, cross stitch, scrapbooking and jewellery making. I have settled down to just card making and jewellery making but sometimes dabble in a bit of scrapbooking. In my ideal fantasy world I would love to be able to sell my cards and jewellery and be happy at this but I find the time that goes into the items cannot be reflected into a sale-able price point. So I continue to keep them as my hobbies.
Like many crafters I have a huge stash of supplies and always find more things to buy!! One such item is my almost full set of promarkers and my set of Spectrum Noir pencils. Having had them for a while and not really getting the full potential out of them I have decided that I need to learn how to use them.
Many an hour has been spent looking at you tube videos and never really finding what I was looking for but then I stumbled upon a blog and facebook group at roughly the same time - I'll tell you about it later or possibly in my next post!

The reason for this blog is primarily as a journal for my colouring. Learning to colour isn't going to come easy nor is it going to happen overnight or in a month or two. I know many give it up and decide that it isn't for them but I want this to be for people like that who feel it is nothing but an uphill struggle (I'm sure there will be moments when it is) but a journey like this is better done in the company of others than alone.
So be inspired, pickup your pens, pencils, paints, whatever takes your fancy and join me on a journey of ups and downs and learn a new skill!

'Till next time.....