Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi all,

Since I've been doing a bit of colouring I have also been shopping for digi stamps. I have never really got on with rubber stamping and was aware of digi stamps as I use Craft Artist quite a bit but never paid much attention to them. OMG.... there is a HUGE range of them in loads of different styles! I have seen so many that I want. One thing that I did notice was if I saw a digi and thought 'that's not really for me' and then saw a coloured sample it really does make the digi look more useable, I've seen so many that I wouldn't go for only that I saw a coloured image. I've been mainly looking at animal images as that is the class I'm doing at kit and clowder, I knew of 2 Cute Ink but recently found from the heart stamps, they have some really nice images that I think I'll use a lot!

I have moved on with my classes, trying to avoid flicking, having a go, getting frustrated and going on to something else. I really must practice. I have also decided in time, I'm going to create a colouring journal to keep a record of the blends and colour combos that I like or find useful together.
My blending is coming along nicely, I've even decided to colour a few of my rubber stamps, to me, they look good enough to put  on cards!

 The top two are from 2 Cute Ink and the lower two are from Crafter's Companion.

My faith in my promarkers is waning slightly, they blend beautifully but I really don't like flicking with them. They'll do for animal flicking but I really think that before I start the clothing and skin and hair classes I'm going to have to upgrade my pens. The question is - do I get the flex markers and stay with letraset or do I save like mad and get Copics? The copics at least can be refilled but they are very available in Ireland. Anyhow in between time my 142 promarkers are up for sale! 

And with that.....Take Care!

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